PHASE I - Concept and data gathering


A continuously realised small-scale sustainable city project, started for research purposes by MiraSolaris, with the aim to improve a village (Mirapuri-Coiromonte, 28011, Frazione di Armeno, Provincia di Novara, Italy) to 100% sustainability, modeled after and taking into account concepts from the Europe 2020 strategy (EU), Making our cities attractive and sustainable paper (European Commission) and the Morgenstadt Initiative (Fraunhofer IAO).


The concept and realisation comprises changes and improvement in the sustainability, cleanliness, preservation and accessibility of the environment, biodiversity, food, energy, transport, used materials and waste as well as economic and socio-cultural aspects. Furthermore the concept aims to be replicable and scalable.


Here we'll keep track on the developments of the several sectors.


Last update: October 2014

More facts and figures


• Number of inhabitants: 73

• Coiromonte is part of Armeno, Sovazza, Bassola and Cheggino

• Distance between Coiromonte and Armeno: 4,6 km

• Height above sea level: 810 m

Weather Armeno